organic waste management

We convert companies into "Zero Waste"

  1. We offer a technology that eliminates the transport of organic waste. Waste is treated wherever it is generated. In this way we reduce the carbon footprint of our customers.
  2. Thanks to our technology that allows transforming waste, wherever it is generated, in a product with high added value, our customers save between 40 and 70% in the costs of annual organic waste management.
  3. We created a network of producers, all of them working with the same technology, which allows us to standardize the final bioplastic product and put it back on the market as a material with high added value with medical applications, in packaging, etc
  4. We convert organic waste from our customers into PHA bioplastic and, therefore, not only benefit from economic savings, but also environmental benefits.


How do we do it?

Our business model based on circular economy is completely adapted to the needs of our customers. We offer small compact plants that allow organic waste to be converted into a processing with high PHA content.

  1. Automated: With control and supervision remotely. They work automatically according to the programmed work cycle.
  2. Standardized: With a design according to our working method. It allows us to have a network of producers working with the same technology.
  3. Mounted and installed as a block: No installation or organizational problems of the customer, the plant arrives in a pre-installed container to facilitate plant management.


Does the technology cost too much?

No, In Venvirotech we adapt to the needs of our client and offer our technology as a service associated with your activity or if you prefer, you can purchase one of our plants.

Do not hesitate, fill out our form and we will contact you to find the best option.


Whic kind of organic waste can be treated in a VEnvirotech plant?

In Venvirotech we are able to value the majority of organic waste, we are specialized in:

Food waste: pastry, fruit and vegetables rotten or touched, meat remains, milk and wine production remain.

Agro-food waste: vegetable remains.

Sewage sludge

Pig slurry

Sub-products or losses


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